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Сollecting funds for the reconstruction of Skovoroda Museum by making souvenirs from fired сartridges. Needs equipment

In May, the Skovoroda Museum in the Kharkiv region was destroyed by a rocket attack. Kharkiv native Kateryna Uvarova is collecting money for its reconstruction. Before the war, she used to make bags from used banners, and now she makes and sells accessories from fired cartridges. The purchase of an engraving machine ($1,750) will enable Kateryna to improve her products.

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February 17, 2023

Detailed report
October 14, 2022

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Kateryna Uvarova's brand 3.14BAN specializes in upcycling, a creative reuse of various waste materials to create new things perceived to be of greater practical or aesthetic value. Kateryna used to make accessories and merchandise from used advertising banners.

Before the war, 3.14BAN products were sold in six cities of Ukraine. Kateryna was planning to enter the international market, but her workshop in Kharkiv was destroyed as a result of Russia’s invasion. The entrepreneur moved to Lviv, where she began to work on a new upcycling project – recycling fired cartridges brought to her by volunteers. The small-caliber fired cartridges will be used to make keychains, and artillery fired cartridges to make art objects (Kateryna is looking for artists interested in developing the project).  

She plans to sell her products in partner stores, at online auctions, such as, and at concerts of Ukrainian artists abroad. Kateryna expects to forward 40% of the revenue (around $1,250 – $1,500 per month), for the reconstruction of the Skovoroda Museum.

Join the fundraiser to purchase an engraving machine for Kateryna Uvarova, which will help her create accessories from fired cartridges.

The Skovoroda Museum was located in the village of Skovorodynivka, in the 18th-century estate, where Hryhoriy Skovoroda spent the last years of his life and near which he was buried. On the night of May 7, the Russians destroyed the museum with a rocket attack. Photo: Kharkiv Regional State Administration
Kateryna plans to sell her products at online auctions, donating part of the proceeds to the reconstruction of the Skovoroda Museum.
Kateryna Uvarova is developing upcycling in Ukraine — the creative processing and transforming of by-products or waste products into new materials. During the war, she turns fired cartridges into art objects

Photos of Kateryna: Yurko Dyachyshyn



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